Our story

Nino & Antonietta

A family matter

Since ever our natural bent is to cook for others

Many years ago, the grandad Orfeo, was cooking and spreading happiness through the wedding banquets of Treviso and today the whole Baggio family is cooking and taking care of people with the same enthusiasm.

Our timeline

1950 - 1970

In these years Albano and Orfeo, Nino’s dad and grandad, were cooking traditional recipes for the wedding receptions of Treviso.

In 1956 they open “Il Girasole”, a family hotel in San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV).

1971 - 1978

The passion for cooking catches Nino and he decides to move to Treviso in order to become a sommelier.
The fascinating world of wine leads Nino first to Milan and then to France.
The revolution happens when Nino starts working in the kitchens of Maison Troisgros: he learns the elegance of french cuisine and the strict rules of a starred restaurant.
At that point he was sure: he wanted to apply back home all these teachings.


This year is still on our front door because it is the moment when Nino and Antonietta open they’re own place: a restaurant and wine bar in San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV).


Nino and Antonietta decide to move from the suburbs to the city center of Asolo (TV) and they start running the historical Ca’ Derton - a famous traditional restaurant.


After 17 years running Ca’ Derton, Nino and Antonietta move down the hill of Asolo and they open in Via Bassane, 1, they’re graceful new home: Locanda Baggio.

Welcome home

More than ever
“Locanda Baggio” stands for “family”

Once you enter the Locanda you will be guested by Nino and Antonietta and their sons and daughter: Enrico, Guido and Cristina. In the kitchen you will find chef Ivano Mestriner, Nino’s long-time friend and notable personality in the fine dining environment.


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Chiediamo agli ospiti con bambini di avere il massimo rispetto per gli altri commensali. L’organizzazione del nostro ristorante non consente di fornire seggioloni e di ospitare passeggini. Preghiamo di segnalare la presenza di bambini in fase di prenotazione.


Per motivi di spazio non accogliamo animali nemmeno di piccola taglia.


Preghiamo gentilmente gli ospiti di segnalare allergie o intolleranze in fase di prenotazione. Il nostro personale avrà cura di gestire l’organizzazione tavoli in relazione al numero dei commensali e al quantitativo delle prenotazioni.